We’ll develop a document that contains the necessary information about the new product. This will make it easier at a later stage to design a solution that is tailored to the needs and business goals of your company and has the necessary market context.

We’ll design and advise on the implementation of new products on the market. We’ll also help you refresh the design of your current products.

We’ll help in identifying stakeholders – their needs and problems that the new product will solve. Thanks to this, we’ll increase the chances of their successful implementation on the market and commercial success.

We can also create the first versions of products for you (MVP – Minimum Viable Product) to speed up the process of their implementation to the market and relieve your machine park. Thanks to rapid prototyping, we will reduce the cost of prototypes and we will be able to quickly verify how the new product reacts to potential consumers.

We will support the image of your company by building a strong, coherent brand. Thanks to this, your products and communication will be consistent and tailored to a specific group of recipients.

about us

We are a design studio specializing in industrial design. We design products supported by a wide network of specialists. In designing, we are guided by intuition, aesthetic sensitivity

which we combine with research and production awareness. We always strive to ensure that the designs of everyday products meet the needs of their recipients.


Żanetta – industrial designer
+48 661 799 954

Paweł – industrial designer
+48 609 324 405